HeatCore Unibody extrusion/extruder kit



High quality machining extruder kit with motor included. New 2017 versión here.

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The HeatCore Unibody was designed with the priority of ensuring that the printing system was stable and free from leaks. The best way to do this was by reducing the number of parts and joints. This is why our HeatCore Unibody hot-end is formed of a single piece of AISI 303 stainless steel. We selected this material for its high thermal conductivity which enables the system to reach the desired printing temperature even faster. What´s more, to facilitate passage of the filament, the HeatCore Unibody has been electropolished: electropolishing is a chemical and electrical process that polishes the internal walls and reduces the number of irregularities, which optimises the passage of the filament and reduces the chance of blockage.

HeatCore Unibody


  • A single AISI 303 stainless steel body
  • Free of plastic leakage
  • Reaches printing temperature quick
  • Free of plastic leakage 
  • PTFE tube to reduce friction
  • Everything needed for assembly it is included.


150 mm x 125 mm x 123 mm


737 g

Extruder mechanics:

Our own design extruder.
Finned heat dissipator with axial fan
0.4 mm nozzle for 1.75 mm filament
Blower for cooling printed objects

Complete extruder:

Nema 17 motor
MK7 drive gear for 1.75 mm filament
40 W ceramic heater cartridge
Complete extruder body with lever and spring system
NTC 100K thermistor
HeatCore Unibody hot-end (designed and manufactured in Spain)

Extruder cable kit:

Quad-core cable for the Nema 17 motor with JST connector
Crimped cable for the fan and blower with sleeve terminal
Dual-core cable for the extruder thermistor with two-pin female connector
Crimped heater cartridge cable with sleeve terminal

Extruder support:

The kit includes a black powder-coated steel extruder support for the usual Prusa i3 models (including the Prusa i3 Hephestos).


2 x M4 x 6 mm screws, DIN 912 class 8.8 (with 2.5 mm Allen head)
2 x black M3 x 10 screws, DIN 912 class 8.8
2 x black M3 nuts, DIN 934 class 8