Prusa i3 Steel Frame (P3STEEL)

Prusa i3 Steel Frame (P3STEEL)

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Orballo Printing


Prusa i3 Steel frame. S235JR Steel Laser Cut. 3mm thickness.

Painted version (Powder coated) available.

Filament spool holder included.

Compatible with bowden / direct extruders. 

Make your 3D printer kit or upgrade your Prusa i3 MK2, MK2S, Hephestos, Anet a8, Anet a6, ctc, prusa i3 clones

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Improvements over the standard Prusa i3

  • The frame version is based on V2.5 with a lot of improvents.
  • Frame compatible with 8mm lead screws.
  • Stronger frame due to the use of structural steel.
  • Solves the frame flexing thanks to its reinforcement squares.
  • Simplifies the construction, eliminating the complex subframe of threaded rods in the Y-axis.
  • Once assembled, everything is in place. No adjustments needed.
  • Less printed parts.
  • The steel mounts for motors and rods are much stronger than their plastic counterparts.
  • Only two threaded rods needed are the ones for the Z-axis (5mm or 8mm)
  • Uses shorter smooth rods lowering the build costs.
  • Solid structural unit that can be transported as a block.
  • The interference between the Y stepper and the M3 nyloc nut holding the Y stepper support has been solved by stretching the support by 2mm.
  • Filament spool holder made in steel S235JR
  • Holes to mount the power supply on side of the frame.
  • Holes to mount the Arduino or SAV on side of the frame.
  • New bolt fix the Z axis smooth rods.
  • Compatible rods: prusa steel rods
  • Our frame use metal parts so is more robust than extrusion metal frames like AM8 for anet A8
  • Only the Orballo Printing frame fully compatible with MK42 heatbed.

Assembly manual (in progress) 

Since July 2017 the frame is fully compatible with the hot bed MK42 !. We upgraded the main frame. Now it is bigger and it is able to accommodate the new bed MK42. The dimension of the rods remains the same. The frame it is fully compatible with the previous hot beds MK2, MK2B, MK3 like Anet heatbeds.


Excellent Quality

Ordered this to replace the acrylic frame on my existing printer. Very excellent quality. Nice powder coat finish. Precise laser cut steel. Most importantly it is sturdy and square. Shipping are quick and arrived only a few days later. I am very impressed.


    Una de las mejores actualizaciones que he hecho

    Se monta facil y rapidísimo. Mi i3 ha ganado en estabilidad, silencio y calidad de impresión (adiós a las ondas provocadas por los temblores del marco acrílico).
    Además Hugo me aconsejó perfectamente sobre todas mis dudas.
    Un 10


      Een betere Prusa i3 bestaat er niet!

      Na veel ergernis met kunststof en houten frame is dit absoluut het beste frame ooit, zeer netjes afgewerkt en alles past precies. Zonder problemen in een paar uurtjes in elkaar gezet. Eenmaal gebouwd en gekalibreerd een nette, snelle en super stabiele printer. Snelle levering naar Nederland met UPS. Kortom: een aanrader!


        RIchtig qualitativ

        Ich bin erfreut über die gute Fertigungsqualität des Rahmens. Alles ist passgenau und zu 90% gratfrei, so das dem problemlosen Zusammenbau nichts im Wege stand.
        Vielen Dank!!!


          Quickly and efficiently!

          Good quality. Build fast and without problems. Everything fits exactly. Pleasant communication and a good approach to the client. Thank you, Hugo! Good luck to your business! I recommend to everyone!

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          Really good quality of the frame, laser cutting is absolutely precise. Easy to install and pretty solid.

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          Excellent quality

          Bought the frame in black powder coating and, while I haven't finished assembly due to missing some bolts, the parts themselves are of excellent quality. The powder coating is quite well done.

          The frame and parts were shipped quickly (first working day after placing my order). Recommended.

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          First Impressions Last

          I am so pleased with the frame, it's unbelievable.
          I have built the main structure, and checked it with a square it's on the button ( and the square was checked with an engineers calibration cube ). Finally I might be able to print with confidence.


            Just amazing

            I bought this item, without any idea about the quality I could expect for the price.

            A very good surprise, this is absolultly awesome !!!
            Perfectly laser cutted, structure is very strong and every parts fit perfectly.

            Thank you Hugo !!!

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            Absolutly awsome Frame

            I could only say, that this frame is absolutly awsome! :-) Perfect cutted, not one sharp edge on the whole frame an the black coating looks very very nice!!! :-)
            It was an realy pleasure to reassemble the frame and took me at least a few hours!!! :-D
            Thx very much to Orballoprinting for their perfect service and delivery!
            Best regards Roland :-)

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            Frame absolutely perfect and fast&friendly service! Once assembled, frame is rock solid



              hay piezas que se donde ponerlas.
              En concreto una pieza de 22 cm delgada con tres orificios, y cuatro piezas pequeñas son iguales viene para dos tuercas un rebaja como para meter la correa.
              Por lo demás todo perfecto y rápido


                A must have!

                I had an hephestos and I wanted to get rid of the flexing of the frame and the constant loosening and disalignment of the base structure (threaded rods and nuts).
                An excellent, high quality product. It provides massive stability and vibration reduction. It is really simple to assemble and you won't have to align anything at all. After the structure is set up everything else fits into place, and you will find yourself with a lot of mounting space for the ramps, power supply, extruder motors...
                Orballo team are really nice and I am very pleased for having dealed with them.
                I'm really happy with my purchase!


                  Super Qualität

                  Ich hatte den Rahmen in schwarz bestellt.
                  Die Lackierung ist einwandfrei. Auch die Schnittkarten der Bauteile sind einwandfrei und absolut sauber. Am besten hat mich die Passform überzeugt, alles passt einwandfrei zusammen, es muss absolut nichts nachbearbeitet werden. Einfach nur zusammenschrauben. Der Rahmen ist zwar ein bisschen schwer mit 5 Kilo aber absolut steif und stabil.
                  Ich würde den Rahmen zu dem Preis jeder Zeit wieder kaufen.


                    VERY GOOD!



                      P3 Steel Frame

                      After purchasing and building an acrylic frame Prusa i3 kit, it took all of about two weeks to realize I needed something sturdier. After some research, I found the P3 Steel frame and knew this was what I wanted, being in the U.S. I was supprised that I could not locate anyone who selling the P3 steel frame! I was a little hestant to make an order from another country, but when I found Orballo Printing who sells the frame and saw that they took Paypal as payment, I knew I could make the order without worry.

                      At first I had only planned to order the frame, luckily I did some research on the frame and found out it took shorter rods on the y axis, The price was good on the rods, so I decided to just order them instead of cutting my current ones, while I was at it I decided to add the full P3 steel hardware kit and the bearing kit. Im glad I did, because you need some specific hardware for the steel frame.

                      It took a few weeks to get the frame, I expected that though. Hugo was very nice when I contacted him about my order, he returned my emails promptly and answered all my questions.

                      The quality of the frame is top notch, I would recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade from an acrylic frame or anyone building one from scratch, its solid as a rock and it looks great too! Turns your printer in to a finished looking product, not a cobbled together kit like the acrylic frame looked like.

                      The printer is much smoother now and does not shake and vibrate like it did with the acrylic frame.

                      The only complaint I have, the nyloc nuts that came with the kit were impossible to get into the slots and I ended up having to do some minor filing to get them to fit, not a big deal, but be aware that you may have the same issue.

                      The tl;dr version: quality is execellent, the price is right, add the rod kit, the bearing kit and the hardware kit and you wont be dissapointed.


                        Fantastic Frame

                        So I bought this the same time I bought an i3 from Sintron, and I have to say I am VERY impressed!!! This has gotten rid of SO MANY problems people have with the acrylic case. There’s no threaded rods to line up, there’s no wobble on intricate prints, it’s a real project saver and I would definitely recommend it!
                        However it’s not without a couple of issues, so here they are; if you are planning on getting this I highly recommend you get the nuts and bolts for it too as you don’t get enough if you have an acrylic case, also make sure you have enough bearings as the bed plate on this needs 4 as opposed to the standard 3, luckily the Sintron model came with extra bearings anyway. Also the holes along the side don’t really line up for things like the Arduino and power supply, I mean it was not a huge issue but you’ll need to do a little bit of tinkering. One more thing is then there really is not a decent mount spot for the y carriage end stop, I fixed mine in place with some glue but there are designs for a good mount on Thingiverse. As for the customer service it’s great, and the item was delivered promptly once sent and I’m in the UK so that was great!!
                        In short, if you buy an i3 buy this frame, and you will have much less problems with calibration, it’s a real no brainer!!

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                        Fantastic in every aspect.

                        I have recently purchased one of these frames from Orballo Printing and I honestly could not be happier with what I have received. The quality of both the materials used, tolerances with which they are cut and the finish is second to none!!

                        Due to the excellent workmanship that has gone into this product I had the frame completely built in no time at all as every part fitted exactly where it was meant to without any need for brute force or frustration. This has resulted in an amazingly stable frame to build my printer on.

                        It was not just the quality of the product that I was impressed with but also the level of customer service provided by Hugo of Orballo Printing, he was always happy to answer any questions I had and was very helpful and knowledgeable.

                        So in short, if you want the best quality P3Steel available I for one would say look no further, you have found the right place already!!!

                        Thanks Hugo and Orballo Printing, I look forward to my next purchase with you.


                          Amazing quality all round!!!

                          I recently brought one of these frames from Orballo and was more than impressed with every aspect.

                          The frame is of such a high quality that it all went together in no time at all without any problems. Everything fitted exactly where it should do and the tolerances with which each part are cut is PERFECT!!

                          Customer service is also second to none.

                          If you are looking to get a P3Steel frame look no further than here!!!

                          Thanks Hugo and Orballo, you have a new very happy customer.

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