Prusa Bear Full Upgrade MK3


Update for Prusa i3 MK3 and MK3S printer.

One of the negative points of the Prusa i3 MK3 and MK3S is the rigidity of the frame. This kit has solved those problems using 3030 aluminum profiles.

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  • Stronger and quieter
  • Easier to maintain and customise
  • Use as much as possible original parts (no need to print a new RAMBo cover nor change any cable, rods or firmware)
  • Highly detailed manual
  • Use more aluminum and less printed parts (3D printed parts can crack and are less reliable)
  • Use Openbuilds hardware :
    • Single platform of multitude compatible hardware parts
    • V-Slot offer more possibilities to printed parts and customisation than T-Slot
    • Open source with powerful community
    • Easy to square and build
    • Worldwide shipping plus several other shops selling these parts
  • Other type of aluminum extrusions can be supported thanks to parametric design (check Fusion 360 files)
  • 3D printed parts designed using advanced techniques like selective infill, clean vertical holes, sharp angle...
  • Open source by providing STL, STEP and Autodesk Fusion 360 files
  • Z motors can be easily removed for maintenance
  • Fix some dimensional errors of Z axis from Original Prusa i3
  • Y motor is fixed using 3 screws instead 2 in original printer

Basic kit:

  • V-Slot 20x40 331mm x 2
  • V-Slot 20x40 359mm x 2
  • V-Slot 20x40 370mm x 2
  • V-Slot 20x40 290mm x 1
  • Black angle corner x 4
  • 90 degree joining plate x 10
  • Tee-nuts M5 x89
  • M5x8mm x 12
  • M5x10mm x63
  • M5x12 x14