3D Printer Kit Prusa Steel BLACK EDITION

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Prusa i3 Steel complete kit which includes all you need to build your own 3D printer. You can set up your kit, selecting ramps, color printed pieces, heatbed, hotend and drivers.

Support multicolor printing!

Full LCD 128X64 and SD card reader.


Fully compatible with any filament brand.

ABS, PLA, HIPS, PP, Laywood, Nylon...


Antiwarping surface

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  • V6
  • Unibody DDG
  • 200x200
  • 200x300

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We are introducing the Prusa Steel BLACK EDITION, the latest iteration we have made based on V2.5. The design is characterized by the elimination of the threaded rods of the main structure (leaving only two for lifting the z axis), promoting stable, calibration, reducing the number of printed pieces and vibration. It has also made various modifications in order to improve print quality and versatility of the printer.


With this printer you can take your ideas and designs to reality with a precision of tenths of a millimetre. The open source design allows you make modifications and upgrades, improving it with time and adapting it to your needs.


Thanks to the antiwarping heat bed and the open source philosophy you can use a large amount of materials other than filament; ABS, PLA, wood, copper, aluminium, brass, bronze, nylon, PETG, HIPS, flexible filament, PC, PVA ... Unlike commercial printers which print materials are very limited. With this printer only you put the limits!


Our printer is fully compatible with the most common 3D printing software (Cura or Slic3r per example). This software is fully documented in the internet, you can access to manuals and tutorials simply and easily.


You can print pieces you have designed by your own (with SolidWorks, Catia, Inventor, FreeCad…), but if you don`t have experience in design you can donwnload pieces from online repositories Github, FreeCad, Thinginverse… where you can find multiple examples.


The steel frame is made of steel S235 and laser-cut precision so that the pieces fit perfectly. Subsequently subjected to a process of lacquered black which will improve the appearance of the printer and protect the passage of time. The printing dimensions are: 20x20x20 cm or 7,8x7,8x7,8 inches.

We have made the following improvements in the framework:

- Holes in the sides for coupling and extruder motors and can be used a double extruder Bowden if wanted.

- The metal pieces of the Y axis have been modified and adapted for mounting a pulley with embedded sliding bearing which will improve compared with the previous design based on the bearing 608ZZ parts.

- Added a second metal part for the belt tensioner in the Y axis, improving grip and ease of assembly.

- We reduced the surface of the upper part so that the Z axis can reach a greater distance, extending the printing surface.

- We added a screw on the top piece to improve the grip of the rod in the Z axis.

- We included holes in the side for fixing the power supply and electronics.

- We introduced a support belt on top of the structure.

- We make bigger the holes for the wires in the main frame to ease the assembly.




The electronic configuration is characterized of using high quality components.

- Arduino Mega 2560 rev.3. The standard board for DIY projects.

- Ramps 1.4SB: The 1.4 Ramps is the most used board for 3D printers. Although this board is much extended, it has some problems which has been solved with 1.4 Ramps SB. Ramps 1.4SB has got Toshiba MOSFET to guarantee the correct performance of the heating bed, protection diodes to avoid high voltages and components with higher quality (per example, Original Molex Connectors). This board is made in Spain and it`s produced with the highest quality standards.

- Drivers DRV8825, much more precision than standard drivers. This drivers provides to the printer a much more fluid performance.

- Mechanic endstops. With quick connector plate included.

- Power supply 300W. AC INPUT: 115-230 VAC 50Hz-60Hz 6.5-3.2A. DC OUTPUT: 12V 25A. Silent and with automatic ventilation.

- Wantai Nema motors with 4.8 kg / cm torque and 2.5A maximum current.

- MK3 aluminium heatbed. With this heatbed can print directly on it, avoiding the use of any other material like glass or lacquer.

-Anti warping surface: This surface is complemented with the heatbed, working both altogether to avoid the printing piece to rise from the surface, keeping the geometry of the print.

-Autolevel: The autoleveling system will avoid you to calibrate the printer continuously. In each print, this system will level the Z axis adjusting the deviations.

- FULL 128x64 LCD Display. With SD card reader included for printing without a computer.


The printed parts we have selected in Orballo Printing are based on the latest improvements that have been made for the printer. They are characterized by a belt tensioner on the X axis through the movement of a screw. As a result you can make adjustments easier simpler without disassembling the shaft.

They have a layer height of 0.2mm and a 65% of honeycomb fill, achieving with this a good build quality and hardness.




For transmitting motion we use GT2 PRO pulley for the y-axis, quality aluminium 5-8 mm couplers, GT2 belt with 20 teeth pulleys and linear IGUS bearings.


We use screws instead of threaded rods because they provide a much smoother and progressive movement, avoiding jumps and acquiring a much higher precision.


The IGUS bearings are made in Germany by Igus. The use a state-of-the-art material named Iglidur® J 4, which allow us to avoid any type of maintenance, because it hasn`t got steel balls in the inside and the glide with the rods is softer than traditional bearings. They are quieter than standard LM8UU, because you won`t have friction between metals and is made with tighter tolerances.




• P3Steel frame made in S235JR 3mm lasercut steel and black powder coated. Include a filament spool holder made in steel.
• Calibrated smooth rods kit with leadscrews tr8 
• Hardware kit made in stainless steel
• Printed pieces with x-axis belt tensioner and new endstop holders (available different colors)
• MK3 heatbed with NTC thermistor and Kapton tape. With antiwarping surface.
• 2 meters of belt GT2
• 2 x pulleys GT2
• 5 x Motors NEMA17 (Torque: 4,8 kg / cm - 47,1 N-cm) with flat shaft and crimp connectors
• 4x Drivers DVR8825
• 4 x Aluminum heatsinks
• 2 x 5-8 shaft coupler made in aluminium for Z axis motors
• 2 x bearing pulley GT2 PRO
• 11x Igus DryLin®  RJ4JP 01-08
• 2 x Endstops with wires
• 2 x Springs for extruder (depending on extruder version)
• 4 x Springs for heaatbed
• Cable ties
Ramps 1.4SB
• Mega 2560 R3
• Full Graphic LCD 128X64 with SD card reader
• USB wire
• 300W power supply. AC INPUT: 115-230 VAC 6.5-3.2A Hz-60Hz. DC OUTPUT: 12V 25A.

• Ceramic screwdriver
Autolevel sensor for automatic bed levelling.


Assembly instructions for Black Edition v6

Download (6.02M)