Prusa Steel V4 300x200 mm

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Prusa i3 Steel frame. S235JR Steel Laser Cut. 3mm thickness.

Black powder coated 

Filament spool holder included.

Compatible with bowden or direct extruders.

Maximum print area 200x300 mm 

Available new Prusa Steel 300x300 !

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Improvements over the standard Prusa i3

  • The frame version is based on V4 (by Alvaro and Daniel Torres) with a lot of improvents.
  • Frame compatible with 8mm lead screws.
  • Easy upgrade ANET A8, Prusa i3 to Prusa Steel 
  • Compatible with 200x200 (220x220) and 200x300 mm heatbeds.
  • Holes in the top bracket of the Z axis to position bearing.
  • Compatible with 20x20 cm heated beds or 20x30 cm heated beds.
  • Stronger frame due to the use of structural steel.
  • Solves the frame flexing thanks to its reinforcement squares.
  • Simplifies the construction, eliminating the complex subframe of threaded rods in the Y-axis.
  • Once assembled, everything is in place. No adjustments needed.
  • Less printed parts.
  • The steel mounts for motors and rods are much stronger than their plastic counterparts.
  • Solid structural unit that can be transported as a block.
  • The interference between the Y stepper and the M3 nyloc nut holding the Y stepper support has been solved by stretching the support by 2mm.
  • Filament spool holder made in steel S235JR
  • Holes to mount the power supply on side of the frame.
  • Holes to mount the Arduino or SAV on side of the frame.
  • New bolt fix the Z axis smooth rods.
  • Compatible rods: prusa steel rods XL

In the top of Z axis is possible use our MR128 bearing for fit the 8 mm leadscrews correctly. Or use MR125 bearing for M5 threathed rods. This solution is improve the precission of the movemente.

The z smooth rods is also fit correctly with a bolt.


Is the frame compatible with 200x200 mm heatbeds?

Yes, the frame is fully compatible with 200x200mm (220x220mm) hatbeds like mk2,mk3 aluminium like the anet. The Y-carriage is made to be fully compatible with both versions of plates or heatbeds. Of course is compatible with 200x300 heatbed.

Is the frame compatible with Anet, Hephestos, prusa i3?

Yes, you can upgrade the printer using our frame. In the case of Anet could be necessary print the X-axis parts. The STL parts are available in or you can BUY

LCD adapter for Prusa Steel v4

The adapter is only required in the Prusa Steel v4. Standard Prusa Steel frame sont need the adapter.

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