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Educational robot with Open Source based in Arduino for introduction of boys and girls in the robotic and programming fields.

The parts that form the body of the Escornabot have been printed in PLA. There available different colours. The Escornabot can be controlled by different devices as tablets or mobile phones via the addition of a Bluetooth module (optional) and an app (download).

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Pipop develop educational electronic kits carefully prepare for teachers, girls and boys who would like to begin to familiarise with programming electronic devices in a fun and simple manner.

Pipop wants to help in the development, in early stages, of the skills, abilities and basic competences via the use of robotics, electronic and programing for the resolution of small challenges.


The Escornabot Plug & Play kit includes all the electronic and mechanical elements necessary so you can enjoy your new Escornabot as soon as you open the box.

Kit includes the following components:

  •         Arduino Nano (programmed)
  •         PCBoard (to weld the components to) 
  •         2 engines
  •         Battery holder
  •         ULN2803 + plinth
  •         Row of pins for Arduino
  •         3 pin post + bridge
  •         2 engine connectors
  •         Power connector
  •         Mini-switch BF3
  •         Buzzer
  •         “Self-load”/“Re-load” fuse 500 mA
  •         Schottky diode
  •         Resistances (……)
  •         Capacitors (…)
  •         5 buttons + colour caps
  •         Steel ball
  •         Wheel toric joints
  •         Screws needed to assemble all 3D printed parts
  •         (Optional Bluetooth)