Electronic kit for Prusa i3 printer


Electronic kit for Prusa i3 printer.

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  • Drivers A4988
  • Drivers DRV8825
  • Yes
  • No

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This kit includes all the electronic components you need to make your own Prusa i3 printer.


  • Ramps 1.4
  • Mega 2560 R3
  • LCD 12864 with SD card reader
  • Pololus A4988 x5 or DRV8825 x5 (choose one) motor drivers
  • Heat sink for drivers x5
  • Mechanical endstops x3
  • Hotbed MK2b
  • Thermistor NTC 100K
  • USB cable
  • Connection wires

Marlin firmware DRV8825

Marlin firmware for DRV8825 drivers. Update: April 6, 2016

Download (191.02k)

Marlin firmware A4988

Marlin firmware for A4988 drivers. Update: March 2016

Download (191.53k)