Since March 2020 it is available again!

  • The brand new RAMPS 1.4SB is ready to bear great quantity of current without any type of forced ventilation thanks to the Toshiba MOSFET.
  • You will can print long periods of time without overheat.
  • Made in Galicia (Spain)
  • Compatible with Prusa i3, Prusa Steel or Mendel.

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  • 4x Drivers DRV8825
  • 5x Drivers DRV8825

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The brand new RAMPS 1.4 SB is a shield designed for expand Arduino Mega board. Using it, you can connect drivers (Pololus), engines, power supply, thermistors, fans, double extruders... to a single board.

The highest temperature for Toshiba MOSFET`s are 45ºC (113 ºF) with the heatbed turned on. It can hold 120V and 178A peak of current. With these characteristics is not necessary to ventilate the RAMPS.

RAMPS 1.4 SB uses Schottky protection diodes welded to the shield, preventing melt.

Each board is made and tested in Galicia (Spain).


  • Molex connectors of 15A.
  • Compatible with DRV8825 & A4988
  • Three power outputs with Toshiba MOSFET (heatbed, extruder, fan or double extruder).
  • Power outputs are protected with Schottky 1N5819 diodes.
  • Compatible with double extruder.
  • Resettable 5A fuse.
  • Independent 11A circuit for the heatbed protected by another resettable fuse.
  • Pins for 3 thermistors.
  • Pins for 6 endstops.
  • i2c & SPI outputs.
  • Supports LCD screen.
  • Aditional conectors for servos.
  • You can plug-in 2 engines for the z axis directly (desirable for double extruder).
  • Blue leds.

Marlin firmware DRV8825

Marlin firmware for DRV8825 drivers. Update: April 6, 2016

Download (191.02k)

Marlin firmware A4988

Marlin firmware for A4988 drivers. Update: March 2016

Download (191.53k)