Dual Gear Original Prusa MK3


DualDrive gears for 1.75 mm filament. CNC machined. Maximun grip extruding filament. High resistance for use with abrasive filaments.

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The DualDrive gears for 1.75 mm filament provide high extruder precissión and high quality layer. The dual gear kit are CNC mahined in hardened steel. The surface has a protective treatment. Fully compatible with MK3 extruders of Bondtech extruders.

The gears kit contain:

  • Primary drivegear fits on a 5 mm shaft with a flat side on standard Nema17 motors.
  • Secondary drivegear with integrated high quality bearings and a hardenede steel shaft (diameter 3mm lenght 20 mm)

We recommend a lithium based grease to use on the gear section and in side the needle bearings for low friction and to avoid wear.

#define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT   {80,80,3200/8,280}  // 1/32 resolution like DRV8825 drivers