Prusa Steel Black Edition Mark 3


New Prusa Steel Black Edition MK3 2019.

Available XL version (+info:

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  •         New frame Prusa Steel (P3STEEL) disegned by Orballo Printing
  •         MGN12 lineal guides
  •         Nema 17 motors with integrated leadscrews and POM nuts.
  •         SKR 1.3 electronic32 bits
  •         TMC2130 SPI silent drivers with endstopless function
  •         24V magnetic heatbed. MK52 heatbed 250x210mm ; MK3 200X300 mm or XL 300X300 mm
  •         Original PEIantiwarping surface.
  •         PSU 24V
  •         Extrusor MK3 con sensor de filamento magnético y doble polea de extrusión
  •         Optional BMG extruder
  •         Autolevel system.
  •         Original E3D All Metal V6 hotend
  •         Powerpanic: resume the printer when powerloss.